We understand technical environments are not one size fits all based on the equipment being leveraged.

Most technology companies will tell you they understand how to integrate different devices and operating systems into your existing or newly built infrastructure. The reality time and time again is that they have little to no experience in this integration. Our team has seen this time and time again, and often times see the other technology companies then try to push businesses towards technologies, devices, and operating systems they are familiar with. Our team does have the experience to properly integrate multiple types of devices and operating systems into your infrastructure. We believe the client and their business should have a properly built technical environment that integrates all devices, technology, and operating systems they desire into it leveraging the best solutions for said client & business.

Our team has experience in creating, operating, and maintaining environments encompassing:


Devices Managed


Employees & Contractors


Remote Locations



Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure increases reliability while reducing costs and removing the foot print of the majority of your infrastructure from your office. While moving to the cloud is a popular trend, and for good reasons, it is not always the right decision based on a businesses network connectivity, and industry. Our team meets with your business to review existing infrastructure, and speak with you regarding your current and future business plans. We then work with you to determine if moving to the cloud is the right move for your business, and at what level of migration.

On-Site Infrastructure

Many established businesses have an existing on-site infrastructure they are not interested in migrating to a cloud or data center. Or businesses with poor or unreliable network connectivity are best served by on-site infrastructure. Our team has the experience and knowledge to service your existing on-site infrastructure, as well as expand it, or build an on-site tech stack based on your current and future needs.

Hybrid Infrastructure

A hybrid infrastructure combines on-premise & cloud infrastructures to provide the best utilization of technology to meet the businesses current and future needs. The ratio of on-premise and cloud varies based on each business and their existing investments in on-premise or cloud infrastructure. Our team has experience in providing service and support for hyrbid environments as well as experience in building them out from scratch and expanding existing configurations to meet a businesses demands.

Remote Work / Remote Locations

In today’s rapidly changing work environments, more employees are working from home, and businesses are looking to reduce large centralized footprints and instead invest in localized offices nationwide. This can be done successfully without significant investments in hardware and technology when done properly, leveraging the right technologies for your businesses. Our team has experience building out infrastructures and technical environments that have supported over 188 offices nationwide simultaneously, as well as having over 2,500 remote staff working from home or as they travel, and another 2,500 working out of headquarter locations. Our team develops plug and play infrastructure solutions that create seamless integrations allowing your business to get work done with a minimal cost in infrastructure. From a team of 5 to a team of 5,000, our team can build and support solutions to meet your needs.

Mobile Device Management

As the workplace evolves, desktops and stationary equipment is decreasing while laptops, smart devices, mobile phones, and tablets take their place. This allows businesses to have greater flexibility in how they operate but increases security risks, often comes with an increase in loss write offs on balance sheets. Properly managed devices allow your employees to work without interruption, while providing a secured device that can be tracked and remotely wiped to protect IP. Properly managed devices can also have software, updates, and other policies pushed remotely without the employee having to be present, keeping devices up to date and operating properly. Finally, managed devices have minimal downtime and are much easier to support remotely. Our team has experience in developing solutions to properly manage devices throughout their entire life cycle at your organization.


Security is vital to businesses of any size. Security starts with properly managed devices and infrastructure. Proactive security is the best kind, as it is much better to prevent an intrusion than it is to assess the damage and remediate it. That is why our team believes in proactively implementing the right security measures and procedures to prevent an intrusion in the first place. Our team is constantly identifying vulnerabilities and working with our clients to close those vulnerabilities so they do not become a problem.

Optimizing every aspect of your infrastructure

From research, design and procurement to installation, implamentation and on-going support, we cover it all.