Monitor Your Second Home From Afar.

In todays world it is essential to keep an eye on your property.

We are here to help.

Remembering if you locked the front door, turned the thermostat up, or seeing if someone is at your door just became a whole lot easier. We specialize in developing and implementing home automation systems to meet your needs. Allowing you to keep tabs at anytime on your home(s) from your smart phone. The system is duplicatable and can be leveraged in multiple homes, allowing everything to be streamlined for ease of use.

Automate Your Home To Your Needs.

With so much going on, we are here to make your life easier.

From automating lighting so the external lights come on at sunset and off at sunrise or having lights turn on at night when someone walks down a hallway or stair well. Or automating your thermostat to turn up the air and down the heat when no one is home. Home automation can make your life easier and potentially reduce your bills by avoiding cooling or heating an empty house, or turning off lights left on when you leave. We are here to help streamline and make your life easier.

Home Automation Benefits

Water Damage

Be alerted to leaks and water damage when it happens.


Be alerted to smoke, fire, and high carbon monoxide levels from wherever you are.

Entry Controls

Lock, Unlock, Create codes of guests, and always be able to make sure the door is locked.


Monitor the outside and inside of your property to keep a constant eye from anywhere in the world.


Never walk into a dark house again. With lighting automation lights can be set to turn on at sunset, or when you arrive home. Ensuring you never walk into a dark house again. And when on vacation, lighting can be randomized, making burglars think someone is home.

Air Conditioning & Heating

Why heat or cool and empty house? Wether you are running errands or leaving for the summer, automated thermostats can be set to change temperatures based on when you come and go, and can be adjusted from your phone.

Monitor & Control Systems

Everything from pool pumps and sprinkler systems, to fridge/freezer temperatures and beyond can be monitored and/or controlled via home automation systems. Allowing you to monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world.

Global Access

All systems are combined into in some cases as little as one application that allows you to monitor & control your home from anywhere around the globe via your smart phone.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Having two homes and splitting time between them has become so much easier with the home automation installed. I can now remotely see and control my house from anywhere in the country.

Kim R.

Living by myself I was not a fan of coming home to a dark house. Using the home automation installed by Forest Strategic I now have my outdoor lights automatically turn on at sunset and indoor lights turn on when I pull into the drive way. Highly recommend!!

Cathy L.

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